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The QH® Hunter hat

QH Hunter hat QH Hunter hat QH Hunter hat
The new QH® Hunter riding hat has been developed for us by makers Charles Owen with critical input from our former huntsman Peter Collins. The Quorn wants to retain the high standard of dress expected from the world's best-known Hunt. The Quorn's hat meets safety standards (kite marked and CE marked VG1 01.040 2014-12), and is modelled as far as possible on the traditional cap used by most huntsmen and many subscribers.

What verified buyers say...
A hat that fits correctly is essential for safety as well as comfort, and to enable you try before you buy, the QH keeps a small stock of sample hats in two standard colours (black and navy blue) at the Kennels. Please email QH Riding Hat via the Contact page to arrange a viewing or fitting or for further details.

Each hat costs £285.00 with free delivery within the UK. Please add £35 for delivery to the USA or £25 for delivery elsewhere outside the UK. If you want to try and buy at the Kennels, have it delivered outside the UK, wish to buy several hats, or want a custom colour, please contact QH Riding Hat as above.

To make an online payment to the QH for one or more of these hats you can use:
  • UK bank transfer (FPS/BACS) or non-UK bank transfer
  • 'QH online payment' by debit or credit card or Paypal (see below).
To pay by bank transfer, please contact QH Riding Hat via the Contact page and you will be sent bank account details and a payment reference to use.

QH Online payment

You can pay here using a credit card, debit card or PayPal.

The simplest way is to choose the size and colour you want from the lists below, fill in your phone number (for FedEx delivery), click the small Done check-box and click the Pay button. The 'Short description' and 'Amount' boxes will be filled in automatically.

If you have less-standard requirements – perhaps you would like a custom colour (brown, grey and green are available on special order) or would like to order more than one hat, you can key in details yourself as follows: You be presented with an invitation to either log in to a PayPal account or (if you wish to pay by credit or debit card) 'Check Out as a Guest'
You will receive a confirmation of your payment amount and asked to provide some further information.

When your payment is complete, the system will immediately email you a receipt. This is copied to the QH who will then email you to confirm your payment.
(To avoid confusion with paying hunt caps - day payments for hunting - we refer to your purchase as a hat...)

Please select the
size you want ..........

... and the colour – click its button
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... and your phone number. If non-UK
please use international format
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