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Cap payment

If you are not a current subscriber and wish to hunt for a day with the QH or are a current subscriber but wish to hunt on a day to which you do not subscribe, you must book with the Hunt Secretary here and are expected to pay in advance.
If you are a member of Melton Hunt Club (MHC) and wish to have a reduced-rate day with the QH, you MUST book for this via MHC's website, not this one. When you subsequently initiate payment via MHC's website, you will automatically be redirected back to here.

If you wish to subscribe or to buy a book of day-tickets, please contact and then pay the Hunt Secretary by bank transfer

How to book full-rate (not MHC) caps

How to book reduced-rate MHC caps

How to pay

Cap prices

The normal (not MHC) cap prices are given on the Subscriptions page.

Please do not make any payment until you have received a provisional place from the appropriate Secretary.

If you have a confirmed booking but have queries about the meet venue, parking, second horse venue and the like, please contact the Secretary.