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Sunday 24th
Inter-hunt football
Thursday 6th
QH Hedgelaying competition
Sunday 16th
MHC Ride
The Quorn Hunt
Form Object
Markham House
Photos by Nico Morgan - authorised professional photographer
See Nico's gallery for more, and to buy copies of your favourites


Website refresh

As part of housekeeping that takes place each summer, the gallery system used to display photos on a number of pages (including this one) will be replaced. The current system is now showing its age and, as the growing number of users of iPads and similar tablets have discovered, doesn’t cater for them. Its up-to-date replacement will continue to display a gallery as part of a page, as now, rather than as a link to a separate gallery: this makes the pages look more attractive but also provides a showcase for the more extensive collections of photos available to view and buy from the galleries of our contributing professional photographers.

There are a number of other scheduled changes to cater better for tablets and smartphones, although many of the latter already have their own specialised apps. These changes are mostly 'behind the scenes', but if you find something has suddenly stopped working, please let us know via ‘Website problems’ on the Contact page.


... to the Quorn Hunt's website for stop-press news, a summary of forthcoming events, details of how to contact us, a small adverts section, a unique satellite map of our country that is zoomable to hedgerow level and shows our boundary and many of our coverts (some with descriptions and photos; there is also a covert finder: click on a listed location and the map will find it for you), a brief history, current subscription rates, a Who's Who of hunt masters and officials and the supporters association, and reports and photos from our many activities.

The Quorn Hunt was founded in 1696 and takes its name from the Leicestershire village of Quorn where the hounds were kenneled from 1753 until 1904. The Quorn Hunt is one of the best known hunts in England and extends a warm welcome to many visitors from both the UK and internationally. The Quorn hunts within the restrictions of the Hunting Act 2004.